Sunday, September 10, 2006


Ball Band Mop Cover

I had a lot of fun knitting a Mason Dixon ball band cover for my mop this weekend. The ball band is one of my favorite dishcloth patterns. The bands or ridges make for a perfect cover for mopping the floor, wet or dry. You can read more about it in my blog.

Amazing, simply amazing.What a great design job of fit and finishing. Did you use a thicker yarn? or more strands?
Wow! What a gread idea. It looks good and it's functional!
I used just the regular cotton like peaches and cream. Actually what I used for the mop was inexspensive mill ends. After all it is just for cleaning the floor. That's a great idea though, double up on the yarn for a super-picker-upper (is that a word?)
Far to pretty to mop with. I'd love to get your pattern if you're willing to share it!
Ingenious! Well done! MD KALers will soon be putting the swiffer people out of business along with the paper towel industry!
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