Monday, September 11, 2006


Heavy logs

My attempt at log cabin. I used scraps of dischcloth cotton and am disappointed in the inabilty to hold its shape. It is also heavy. I spent more time picking up stitches than knitting! It will be a doll blankie for granddaughters. I may try another in a worsted weight or sport weight yarn. It is clever however. I am also a quilter and have done a few log cabin quilted blocks so knew the concept of building the logs. Posted by Picasa

One hundred percent cotton yarn will, by its nature, be very heavy and not hold its shape well. Unlike wool or acrylic, cotton doesn't "bounce back."

I belive a better yarn choice would be a wool or a wool blend. Good luck!
Use a crochet needle to speed up picking up stitches.
The yarn may be heavy, but it looks pretty. I like the varigated colors.
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