Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Small Felted Box w/dishclothes

Here is my small felted box. It was a fun and quick knit. I used Galway 100% wool. I only put in two handles. The box looks a little 'rounded' because I stuffed four dishclothes in there. Two of them are the ballpand warshrags, one is the nine patch and the fourth is just a stripped one with the leftover yarn. This is going to be part of my mom's Christmas present. She saw me knitting the nine patch and loved the colors, she had no idea it was for her. I was lucky enough to have the Galway wool in my leftover stash from some felted bags I did. EDITED TO ADD: Here is a picture of the contents as requested, thanks for the interest by the way :0) And, I did use two strands of the Galway.

That's a GREAT Christmas gift. I know your Mom will love it.

(Man ...I just gave away a whole bunch of Galway because I didn't think I would ever use it. That was BEFORE I bought M-D Knitting Book.)
Thanks for the post.The box and contents look charming. Your Mom will be delighted to receive as you are to give! I think that I will dive into making "the box" tonight. Did you knit with two strands of Galway?
Show us the contents of the bag!!
Uh, box, not bag. Brain fart, sorry.
What a cool gift your mom will love it!!
Those colors are wonderful. The set is visually stunning, great job. I love those felted boxes, but I don't have much wool,really not any. So, I'm gonna just have to wait to make some. Lucky Mom.
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