Monday, September 11, 2006


Almost finished

Here is my almost finished kimono sweater. I needed help from others out there. I am waffling between finishing this off with buttons or ribbon ties. I think that ribbon ties could make it have a longer fit period. What do you think?

For more info on the mods that I made to the pattern, check out my blog.

oh my gosh those stripes are soo cute!
Very cute! I'd say ties for the fit purposes, HOWEVER, ribbon frays and gets all tatty very quickly. If you use ribbon, use...I think it's grosgrain that's the non-fraying kind. It couldn't hurt to use some fray-check on it, too. I-cord or crocheted chain ties are good, too.
This is really cute, I like the effect of different yarns.
Very sophisticated color scheme - I love it. I think I'd do buttons as fitting better with the look - they could always be moved later to allow for more room.
I was just having that same dilemma and decided on Ties, just in case my soon-to-be is bigger or smaller than said Kimono. By the way I love the coloring you did, I will definately have to check your blog for the modifications. Super cute.
Oh I forgot to say I'm still going to use the buttons I bought, I'm going to use them to cover the spot where I add on the tie. So you dont see where I sewed them on, my stitching isnt normally over pretty :D.
Why don't you try a crochet chain tie or i-cord tie then you won't have to worry about matching the colors and about ribbons that might fray.
I put buttons on mine - BUT - I like the idea of making the kimono expand with the baby. I wish I had put ties on it.
How did you modify it to make it bigger? Bigger needle size or did you cast on more stitches to the body? I increased my body stitches and WHOA Nelly, I think I went overboard. We'll see how the neck shapes out- body/arms look right for about a 6 mo.

BTW, for my first kimono I pulled up three stitches and then did an i-cord tie. It looked very nicely finished. For the inside ties, I used a crochet chain as I didn't want the bulk. I do like the adjustibility of the ties over buttons.
Best. Kimono. Ever (go with the i-cord or crochet ties).
Soooo sweet!! I may have to do something similar for my one year old daughter, I think I'll use ties too, I-cord probably. Here is another way to go: You can use I-cord to make a loop, and then you can add buttons. This works instead of button holes.
That is so cute. I like the strips too.
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