Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Ball Band Mop Cover Pattern

I just finished writing up the pattern for all of you who requested it. Even though I have been a knitter for many, many years, this is my first attempt at pattern writing. I now have a greater insight in just how difficult pattern writing can be and I am in great awe of all of you out there who have already been writing patterns. Hope my pattern is easy to understand (that was my intention) and I would appreciate any comments/feedback. Thank you all so much for your inspiration and encouragement.

Happy Knitting and Mopping :)

Awesome!! Thanks so much for the pattern!!
Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to make several!
Oh sure! You just HAD to go and post this, didn't you! Now I have MORE stuff to knit for my mom for Christmas! She'll love this!

Really cool! Will have to try this! Is that a Swiffer mop?

My mop is scotch brite, but the cover should fit a swiffer, grabit or other brands. I think they are all pretty much the same and use the same refill size.
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