Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Some Blankets!

Just time for a really REALLY quick post before class; I am alive, now in Indianapolis, and busy on these blankets!

These are my Noro log cabin squares: they look a bit wonky to me, but wow, they look great layed out in a photo, if I say so myself!

And this is my Log Cabin Baby blanket for a friend who is expecting in Feb. It is Malabrigo and truly is the softest, squooshiest fabric ever! (I am following in JanuaryOne's cybertrail; this is a random number blanket. See her site ( for info on how to do it!)

Yaaaay! Enjoy the advent of fall everyone!

Oh, gorgeous, and quite inspiring. Fall is a beautiful time of year, a great time to knit more than ever!! Blankets come to mind as winter lurks around the next corner. Keep on knitting, great work so far!!
Great blanket can you please post the link to the site you are refering too so we can make one too :O) Thanks
Both are super gorgeous. I love Malabrigo. It is for sure the softest yarn I have ever worked with - just make sure to tell your friend not to wash it! That will felt in a heartbeat.

Ok, the main site is simply The archives with the "chance blanket" posts are here:

It's really very cool.
Wow, those are both going to be gorgeous!!
Hey! I live in Indianapolis, too, and I am also making a blanket from Noro (a miter, though). Must be something in the water. :)
Welcome to Indy! I am sure you have found Mass Ave Knit Shop... just a few minutes from the IUPUI campus.

I will have to check out the Malabrigo it looks beautiful.
ok maybe i am the only one here that hasn;t heard of malabrigo, but i just think it is beautiful. is there a specific one you are using. i found their website and noticed that they have more than one line. the colors are just beautiful! i also love the noro log cabins. just wonderful! thanks for the info.
I am using the "normal" Malabrigo, I believe it's a worsted weight. I have some laceweight, but lace charting is a bit of a stretch for me still. All the Malabrigo in the blanket is from the Mass Ave store - I go there waaaay too much!
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