Thursday, September 14, 2006


Lovin' the Log Cabin

Oh, I'm so excited, I just became a new blogger the other day and now I'm finally getting to post on the KAL....Yeah!!! I got the book a little over a month ago, and was working on a sweater for my sister's birthday. I was just chomping at the bit to start a log cabin blanket. Here is my progress so far (about a month I'd say). I am not one bit bored with the pattern. I love it because it's a simple knit, yet so visually stunning. I'm also going to post a square that I did using the log cabin method. It is an idea I had because I used to quilt. I've decided that with the log cabin technique you can do just about what ever you want. I'm gonna dream up squares one at a time as I go, and maybe they'll make a great blanket one day. Oh, the freedom of log cabin knitting, isn't it just great?!?

OH my GOSH your square that you made up is amazing you are so creative. How did you ever come up with such a neat design. I LOVE IT!! Your Log cabin blanket is very pretty too.
I LOVE the colors in your log cabin blanket! Stunning!
I love the blanket you are making. The colors look beautiful. And the little cabin patch is just great. I can picture a whole blanket made up of those all in different colors.
I really like the pattern patch. on this rainy gray morning it gets me wanting to knit!
Your blanket looks great. What yarn did you use? I'm thinking about using a wool superwash.
Thanks for the great comments!! As for the design of the square, I went to my old quilting books. I have always been partial to the house block in quilting. So, I thought why not knit it. Log cabin method made it so easy to design, because of using one yarn at a time. I don't like intarsia much because of the bobbins and yarn tangles. My log cabin blanket is made with yarn from my stash, alot is a double knitting yarn, or sport weight. Some is worsted, but very thin squishy worsted so it squishes up to be almost the same gauge.Happy Knitting.
Hey, I also wanted to say if anyone is interested in seeing any more knitting (like me) you can look at my blog:
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