Friday, September 15, 2006


In Touch With My Inner Bedazzler

Here is my second jean jacket decorated with knitting. It is for my little boy who loves cats and the colors orange and yellow. He seems to prefer wearing his jean jackets to the sweaters that I knit for him. So this seems like a good combination of the two. It was much faster to knit than an entire sweater anyway.

It is beautiful! You did a great job.
So cute! He will be one "cool cat" in that jacket!
Love it, its awesome!! Did you make up the design, or use a chart?
I used a chart.
Very cool.
oh, that is so cute.
Love that cat - purrrr!
Where did you find the chart,
is it something you could share???
LOVE. IT. xox Kay
you can find the chart at
Lissa, thanks for the info, I just printed out the cat pattern, will have to modify it though - add a bit of tummy since my Schnurrli weighs abt 18 lbs, he is big-boned like me LOL, Ingrid
you should sell these. seriously. good stuff.
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