Saturday, September 16, 2006


I'm inspired by the log cabin method

I Used the log cabin method to create a chick. This is a view of the front and back. I 've been thinking up several other designs that will work. Pretty much what ever you do needs to translate into a square shape. Other ideas I have include: bunny, pine tree, sheep, baby buggie, bumble bee, tree, snowman, candle, pencil, and a basket. I'm thinking about using my finished squares to make a blanket. I'll post completed squares on my blog. if anyone is interested. The design of the square was inspired by the chicken in the picture. I already posted a house square earlier in the kal. I think this goes along with the "no rules" philosophy of the mdk book.

Very neat-o!
Very neat-o!
This is great. (The house block is too.) I can't wait to see the new blocks as you make them.
That is quite possibly the cutest thing that I have ever seen!
What a cute chicken! Is the pattern on your site? I want one!
This is rather clever!
I just put the pattern on my site. I hope it all makes sense. It does to me, but then again I'm crazy. In the future I'll write the pattern as I make the square that would be easier, than trying to write the pattern afterwords.
cool... I love these....too cute!
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