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Moss Grid Hand Towel

Hello again. I have another question. Did anyone ever use a different yarn for this towel other than the Euroflax. I wanted to give these to about four or five people as Christmas gifts but don't want to spend a lot of money. For myself it's different but I want to try and keep the costs down for the holidays. Any input greatly appreciated. Even though I have been knitting for over 5 years I never substituted anything. Thanks again.


I'm making one right now using cotton, and I like it better than the one I made with line, it's bigger and feels well more towel like and less delicate. You could use either PnC or SnC, I have a cone of something similar but not either one of these. Here's how it looks
DMC Senso in linen/cotton blend works out well too, IF you can find it.

I bought some, unfortunately not quite enough and when I went back to get more Joann's didn't have it anymore :-(

It's a really nice and cheaper alternative, but watch your yardage. The balls are small.
I am knitting one with Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton (Shimmer fashion). It looks and feels nice, the question is, how will it wash? We'll see but it's a lot cheaper than the linen which in my LYS is $22, too much for me for one hand towel. I did use this cotton for a knitted edge that I sewed onto a finger tip towel (2 of them) I washed them before giving them as a gift and they turned out really nice. The edge was the Godmother's edge for the Moses basket in the MD book. It was surprisingly easy.
Thanks for your input guys.
Seems to me I've seen some linen yarn on Elann that was much more reasonable.
I used Peaches 'n' Cream for mine. I am very happy with the gauge and the absorbancy. I also was able to use size 7 needles rather than 3 or 4 as others posted, which made it go much faster.
For those using PnC or SnC, are you reducing the cast on number?
I didn't. When I finished my first towel in linen I felt it was small and delicate, so I wanted something larger for my second one. I'm making the pattern exactly as it says. The finished product will probably be the size of a store bought handtowel
I just finished mine and knitted it with Plymouth Yarn's Wildflower DK. It really looks nice. Each towel took 1.75 skeins to finish. Instead of $30 per towel, you're looking at $8 a towel.
I have knit two hand towels so far. I knit the moss grid and the chevron towel. I decided to use Kertzer Super 10 cotton, which is a mercerized cotton. I discovered on the internet that mercerized cotton is supposedly more absorbent than regular cotton. I can usually find a hank for about $9. Much more reasonable than the linen. What I really liked about the Super 10 is that it has a lot of sheen, like the linen and it really feels nice when knit.

Anyway, they are both wedding gifts. I just completed the chevron towel and instead of knitting the stripes, I made it a solid color. The moss grid knit up much more quickly for me, I finished it in 3 or 4 days. (I work full time.) The chevron towel took me 3 weeks + to finish. I don't know if I didn't enjoy the pattern as much or what, but it knit verryyy slowly for me.

Anyway, I hope to post photos this weekend.
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