Friday, September 15, 2006


Self-striping Miter Fever

Self-striping Miter Fever
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I finally tried a mitered square. They are addictive, especially in self-striping yarn. The yarn is Plymouth Galway, dyed with Kool Aid. I'm not sure what the FO will be--I will see how many squares I get from the 400 yards of yarn. Possibly going to be felted. There are photos of the yarn itself on my Flickr as well.

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I bet those squares will make a cool blanket. I have not tried a miter square yet, but maybe miters are in my future. Keep up the good work. Let us know how many squares you end up getting.
Dyed with Kool-Aid? How? Does this work? Great colors- I'm intrigued!
I like to colors. I agree with Danielle a cool blanket would be good.
Mariel-- There are two great tutorials on how to make your own self-striping yarn using nothing more than 100% wool and packages of kool aid:


You can see more of my self-striping yarns and process at

And I wrote about dyeing yarn here:
Oh crap. The links didn't work:
My pics
Eunny's Great Tutorial
Ysolda's equally great tutorial
My entry on dyeing

Let's see if this works better
Um. No. That didn't work at all. Mariel, I'm putting up an entry on my blog for you and anyone else who might want to know about the self striping yarn dyeing
That was amazing! Thanks so much for the introduction to kool-aid dyeing.

I'm knitting a felted mitered squares purse from The Domestic Sphere with the new Paton's SWS which is self striping. A fun use of mitered squares!
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