Sunday, September 17, 2006


Baby Gifts o'Love

Baby Bib O'Love done in daisy stitch (isn't that button cute!) and Baby Genius Burp Cloth.

I know they're white but hey, that's what bleach is for, right?

Another quickie Baby Bib o'Love for a baby shower I attended yesterday. Wasn't sure of the sex of the baby, so I did it in safe colors -- cream with a navy blue star button. I'm sure she'll like it.

I think white is a great idea because it can be bleached! other colors might fade. Love the daisy stitch great work!
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Love that white bib, and the flower button is just so perfect for it. As for the cream with the navy star button, what new mother wouldn't love that? Great work!
I love your bibs. I would love to know how you do the daisy stitch bib. It is so cute and I love the button. I will look forward to your post. Thanks! Keep up the great work!
Those are precious, I especially like your buttons. They really make the bibs.Nice job.
How do you do the daisy stitch?
Your bibs are adoraable, nice job!
Love the stitch pattern for the white bib! Great idea!

Daisy stitch can be found in the first Barbara Walker book (and probably other places, like the 365 knit stitches a year calendar). It's a really easy 4-row repeat, something you'll memorize quickly. I had some summery dishcloth cotton and did a dish cloth in that stitch too, and it was cute.
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