Monday, September 18, 2006


Need your opinions please!

I am putting together a small basket for our church's Harvest Festival "Bountiful Baskets" auction for this coming Saturday. 100% of proceeds of the sale of the baskets go to my church, so I want to do a good job on my basket and since they need an estimated value of the basket, I need your help. I thought a basket of homemade dishcloths would be a good thing to do.
Here is what I have done with the basket so far:
The small basket has two "ball band", one "swish with a twist" and one "garterlac" cloths. I also included a small bottle of dawn dish soap. I'll tie it up in clear wrap before I bring it to the church. Do I have enough in the basket? I would have liked to get some of the pretty soaps, but I have to get the basket to the church by Thursday, so I don't think I could pull that off. Can you think of anything else I could easily get that I could add and what do you think would be good estimate value? Thanks so much to all of you for helping me out on this!

I don't know...I'd think they could charge $15 or $20 for four handmade dishcloths. $15 is only $3.25 per cloth, after all!
Another idea may be to talk to someone who has "worked" at the harvest festival before. He/She may be able to help you determine a price. By the way, I think you did a wonderful job on the dishcloths. They look very pretty in the basket.
is there maybe a cute book you could include? it needs a little height! love the dishcloths though!!!
I am donating some to our high school PTSA fundraiser...I hope to get $5 per cloth. (Doing 'em in the colors of the 3 high schools in our district!)

It's a silent auction, so who knows what the price will end up being...

I think the basket looks great as is.
It looks great. If you have some tulle on hand maybe a homemade "scrubby"?
Otherwise it's just fine.

I'd probably list it at $25, considering you have the soap and the basket. Could you find a little stuffed or ceramic animal? I'm guessing a woman will buy it and what girl doesn't like a cute little beanie baby? Ok, I'd gag but little old church ladies love 'em! Great job!!
Or, maybe a store bought scrubbie? And a little bottle of nice hand lotion? A sample size would be a perfect fit!
P.S. LOVELY basket! Good work.
I used to be in charge of the basket raffel at me church (before moving) and I would have been thrilled to have someone donate your basket!

Theonly thing that I would change is the placement: stuff the bottom of the basket with a little tissue, put the dish detergent toward the "back" of the basket, roll one of the two ballbands a bit tighter and stand it candle-stick style next to the detergent,and "artfully arrange" the others in front. You've then got the "hight" and "interest."

Great job!

ps: I agree with the $25 value.
I think what you have is fine.
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