Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dishcloths and such

Here are three of the four I've finished... there are currently three others in progress. I keep thinking of new color combos and can't seem to finish one before starting another! I'm having a great time with them.

I'm also starting a log cabin blanket, but so far am struggling with picking up stitches. I'm not really a seasoned knitter yet and depend mostly on books and the Internet to learn how to do certain things. I think I might be casting on/binding off too tightly and am trying to work on that (bad habit!). But is there a particular method for picking up stitches? I feel like I'm doing it wrong, considering the amount of difficulty it's giving me. Any tips/good resources would be appreciated!

I do bind off with a larger needle just so the stitches can be picked up easily. Hope this helps you.
PS. I do like the fact you are exploring with colors and expanding your color choices freely. Your warshcloths look great.
I've heard some people say that you can bind off easier with a crochet hook. I haven't tried that, but maybe it would help. Keep doing it, and it'll get easier as you go. Good luck, don't give up!!
The video on picking up stitches at knittinghelp.com is very clear and I found it very helpful- I've been knitting less than a year and, like you, rely on books and internet.
And what adventurous colors you're using!!
I find picking up stitches with a crochet hook is alot easier and faster than with your knitting needles.
I second (and third) the people suggesting a crochet hook. It's an easier and faster method, and I find that it makes my edges look neat.
Thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice!
you also might want to review the posts from log cabiners...I think a lot of folks decided not to bind of at all, leave the stitches on waste yarn or a stitch holder. Then they only had to pick up a few stitches, not hundreds! :-)
If your cast on stitches are too tight, you can always cast on to more than one needle.

The colors are great!
If you use a crochet hook, you pick up stitches easier. Just line them up about 10 at a time and then transfer them to your knitting needle.
Thank you thank you thank you! This is a huge help. Great suggestions - I can't wait to try this again.
I've been picking up stitches on a smaller size needle and then going back to the larger needle in my right hand for knitting the first row. Works great for me. I just didn't know how to do it with a crochet hook!
Aargh, I've been bitten by the ballband bug! The only thing that stops me is a lot of color combinations don't seem to work that well. Your colors, however, are fantastic. Brilliant. Bold and interesting. Just had to tell you so.
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