Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Moss Grid Hand Towel - finally finished

Here's a photo of my attempt on the moss grid hand towel.

I really did not enjoy knitting this. I just couldn't find the rhythm to knit it up quickly. It's not made out of Euroflax, it's Plymouth Yarn's Wildflower DK. It's 51% cotton and 49% acrylic. The finished towel is quite lovely.

Since one hand towel is just not enough for a gift, I'm knitting a second hand towel - this one based on my own design.

I used the knitting grids found on Sweaterscapes web page and followed the directions there. I printed the aspect ratio that matched my actual knitted gage (in this case, the 1.48). I put the grid back into the printer and printed a W on the page in the Monotype Corsiva font, with a font height of 200. It's important to print it in a different color as you can see the pattern easier.

I then approximated the look of the W by highlighting each block. I then took out every other row and knit all the way across on those rows. It just allows the W to pop out (if you don't, then the letter won't really look like a letter). So, on the rows that aren't crossed off, I purl the open squares and knit the colored ones.

The actual letter width is 21 stitches (which worked out well as it's exactly 1/3 of the total stitches (less the border stitches). The towel is actually coming out looking like the font I wanted it to look like:

I'm planning on knitting an upside down W for the other side of the hand towel. The rest of the towel is plain stockinette stitch.

If I were to do this over again, I would have knitted 6 rows before starting the monogram. In this case, I started after knitting 3.

Both towels are beautiful, no stunning. I love the monogram one. I want to do one for me and maybe next year do them for Christmas presents. They are gorgeous. Beautiful knitting.

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One more thing - What yarn did you use for the monogram towel. :)
Those are awesome, love, love, love, the monogram one. So very creative!! It'll make a wonderful gift.
The monogramed towel is a great idea!

I too did not like making the moss grid hand towel. It turned out nice in the end but I found it tedious. I posted mine a few months ago but I don't know exactly when.
How many skeins of yarn did the moss grid handtowel take to make from the Plymouth yarn? I am starting on my own and finding that the Euroflax is not much fun to work with.
W for Wow!
Yarn for both hand towels: Plymouth Yarn's "Wildflower DK". It splits easily, so you have to watch your knitting.

# of skeins for each hand towel: I needed two skeins for one hand towel.

Thanks for the nice comments!
They are beautiful! And thank you!
I wnet to sweater scapes and now I know why my charted pig wasn't working!

I LOVE the idea of the monogram and thank you so much for the diagrammed tutorial. I think I am highly likely to use that idea in the very near future - will try to post here if I do.
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