Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Confession Time:

OK - I have enough dishcloth cotton to make 27 ballband washcloths - how about you guys? Come on - confession is good for the soul (plus I need to know I'm not alone)

I get 3 cloths (the 33 stitch size) out of 2 balls so... I guess I'll stop stalking the Hobby Lobby ads for the next $0.99 sale until I knit up a bunch. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!!!!

Read more about it here at my blog and please check out my Etsy shop! I've got notions bags, and knitting totes on there plus more, and hey - I have to fund the addiction somehow right?

I'll keep you posted!


i don't even want to count how much dishcloth cotton i have... but there are SO many things you can make with it (for cheap!) that i'm hardly worried. besides, it's going to be Christmas soon and i have plenty of gifts to make!
AmyDE, don't feel too bad cause I've got you beat. I have 36 balls of Sugar 'n Cream waiting to be color coordinated and cast on. I also have 20 skeins of Bernat Cottontots which makes great dish cloths, and bath mitts and cloths. Its going to be a ball band Christmas around here too!

BTW, does the DE in AmyDE stand for Delaware by any chance?
I CONFESS!!!! I have lots and lots of cotton and I keep buy more - but I love it! LOVE IT, I TELL YOU!!!

I have no intentions of entering a rehab program.
Sorry to sound territorial but I am hoping that very few of my M&D friends live in the Washington, DC metro area (especially Montgomery County)! I am hoping to impress with my handknit warshrag Christmas :)

ps: I promissed my husband that I would be good, so I only have 10 S&C, 1 mega bernat, 2 cotton tots, and 2 P&C - at the moment...
I have a total of three under the bed storage boxes full of yarn waiting to be knitted up. A full one and a half of those bins are nothing but cotton. YIPEE for cotton! Lots are full balls of SnC and PnC, and some are partial. If I had guess, I could easily make 70-80 ball bands with what I have. Although, I'm currently working on a ballband kitchen towel. DANG - I'd better get busy!!
I have a whole basket full, but I'm not counting it, I keep telling myself I don't have a much, how else can I justify buying more this week! :)
I'll have to confirm this but I'm pretty sure I have about 40 balls of dishcloth cotton. I've got 4 complete cones too.

Are you familiar with those large plastic bags that comforters are sold in? Well I have FOUR of those full of cotton yarn, plus a few smaller bags full.

Three of the large plastic bags are full of complete balls, the other large one has complete balls and some leftovers.

I have Lion Brand, Bernat (small size), Sugar'n Cream and Peaches and Cream. I also have five large cones of cotton yarn. I also have one small sack full of leftovers upstairs in my attic.

I probably have at least 100 balls of Sugar'n Cream alone.

Don't feel bad at all. :)

AmyDe - I agree with the others - there are sooo many dishcloths/baby bibs/burp cloths/everything you can make with the cotton - stock up!
I honestly haven't a clue how much cotton I have, but it is WAY more than 18 balls. ;-) I know for sure that I have 4 cones (two white, one ecru, and one blue ombre) of cotton, numerous balls, some larger skeins, and tons of bits and pieces that I suppose would be idea for a ninepatch dishrag.
I too am in possession of an unusual amount of S&C and P&C- and I haven't even tried a ballband yet... but there are plans for those, as well as the tailgate rug and at least one more kimono!
I had 30 skeins of Sugar'n Cream the last time I counted and I've bought a few more skeins since then... But now the the baby's eating solids I'm going to have to start knitting bibs so that means I need more, doesn't it?
Sounds like Berna has me beat by a country mile. I've only got ONE of those big ol' comforter bags full of Sugar 'n Cream. I feel like such a slacker...
Er...27 cloths at 3 cloths per ball comes out to 9 balls of cotton, right? That's about what I carry around with me in my take-along knit tote! Seriously, I went a little nuts between $6.64 cones of PnC at WalMart and 99-cent skeins of SnC at Michael's and I now have enough cotton to fill two dresser drawers to bursting. Not that I'm proud of this, mind you, I'm just sayin'. ;-)
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