Thursday, September 21, 2006


Grandmother Purl's Square

Grandmother Purl's Square
Originally uploaded by wavybrains.
I'm offically addicted to mitered squares. If you want another excuse to knit miters (or other squares of your choice) check out
It's for a great cause! And it's true, miters really do increase your endorphins.

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i'm addicted to this color combination and considered making a mitered square blanket w/ this combo. glad you tried it out first - it looks really great. cant wait to see the final project
I have been wrapped up in log cabin knitting and baby bibs for my one year old daughter, but I'm so curious about the mitered squares that I have to try one soon, yours looks great!!
Ohhhh! Endorphins! That's why I can't stop knitting them, no matter how annoyingly many times I miscount!
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