Thursday, September 21, 2006


New knitter- two questions!

Having finally finished my first MD project (well, I still have to sew up the kimono, but soon!) I have questions re: the next two things I want to do: first, I'm just starting a Nina shawl (thanks again to the awesome 'lauriec' for providing the missing color so quickly!), and when I practice the fair isle technique I keep getting tiny holes where the contrast color starts and ends. I've tried all the things I can find in my books and on line, but can't seem to eliminate those holes- any advice?

And second, in the book, the border of the Moderne Log Cabin blankets does not look like the mitered border referred to in the instructions. Does anyone know how they're actually finished? I much prefer that narrow border to the other for this application.

Thanks everyone- for all the ongoing inspiration and any advice you can share!!


Try twisting the yarn colours around eachother when you switch colours--that should cover the hole.
I have a couple of suggestions for boardering a log cabin blanket: you can continue in the log cabin knitting, but knit only 2 ridges instead of 9 using the same color around the entire edge. Or: I'm considering finishing mine off with a prairie point edge. Which looks like little triangles. I think it makes a nice contrast to the straight lines of the "logs". Hope this helps.
thanks so much Stephanie & Danielle!
Lynne, the way I did the border on the Moderne Blankets was in fact the 'picture frame' method I described, but just for 2 rows! But it's just as easy to do it 'log cabin' style as Danielle suggests.
Your welcome Lynne. Commenting on this blog, and checking out all of the beautiful knitting going on is one of the highlights of my day. You all are really inspiring, and the Mason Dixon book "Rocks". I'd have to say it's the best knitting book I've ever had. MDK forever!!
Thanks so much Kay, it's just wonderful to have the answer direct from the creator! And Danielle, I totally agree- I live in California where there's not all that much call for sweaters, but knitting for the home is so fun, and of course for babies & gifties too!
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