Wednesday, September 20, 2006


has anybody else seen this at walmart? is about $5 something. 710 yards. Worsted Weight. not too many colors to choose from but alot of them look like Sugar and Cream. just thought i would let ya'll know just in case you didn't! today was the first time i saw them.

Yes, I did see this yarn in walmart ($5.49) and it's a really good price. AC Moore has the same thing, but it's $9.99. The colors are very pretty. For those of you who have used it, how does it compare with peaches & cream and sugar & cream?
I was just going to post about this myself. I bought two skeins of it - probably should have bought more at that price, since I have also seen it at
ACMoor for $9.99. I too was wondering if anyone has knit with it. It looks good to me!
I too, just saw this at Wal Mart today and bought a skein of it. And I'm also wondering if anyone's used it and what their thoughts of it are, or if you know of anywhere where there might be reviews of it. The Wal Mart I went to (Eugene, OR) had about 7 different selections for colors, which I thought was not too bad for the store.
I'm gonna check this yarn out. Thanks for the tip. I've been making some bibs from the book, and I need some new colors. The yarn I've been using is ancient, really, it's about 10 or 11 years old. I used to have a kick on washcloths and potholders when I crocheted. I also did some knit ones when I started knitting about 8 1/2 years ago. Also my lys just closed, so I'm sad. Wal-Mart is my only choice in town, otherwise I have to go out of town. Hope this is nice yarn, someone post about it when you use it. I will too if I get some soon. Thanks.
I'm pretty sure that Sugar 'n Cream is now owned by Bernat, and so this yarn is Sugar 'n Cream.
I've used those it's all I can get here, in my opinion, Sugar N Cream is slightly softer (i've recievd SnC through swaps and LOVE it) and the smaller Bernat balls don't have as much as the sm. SnC does, especially the varigated, I've shorted a few patterns because one ball did'nt make the whole cloth. SnC has a MUCH better color selection too, so the only diffrence is softness wise once washed. Hope this helps :)
I've used this yarn before. It's super soft. However I knit very tightly and have pulled the yarn apart. It's not nearly as strong as Lily's Sugar and Cream (which is what I switched too). Have yet to wash it to see what happens. But it is soft, softer than Lily's.
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