Friday, September 22, 2006


Ball Band Babes Earrings

My family thinks I need intervention :-)
On size 0000 needles, using sock yarn. I knit two for each earring. I have just cast on some size 10 cotton (cotton is true to our Ball Band roots) Holding a strand of metallic sewing thread along with it. This is very very slow going. But BBB (Ball Band Babes) need some bling now and then :-)
My blog for more info. Blog

Way to go! I enjoy and appreciate your sense of creativity. The earring are cute. The possibilities are endless.
So cute.
I am amazed! How cute is that!
Suzann, step away from the ballbands (no, seriously, don't--the earring is awesome).
Miniature Ballbands!
It's very cute idea.
But I can't decide if you are really creative or just nuts.
Just nutz and my cat has stolen two of them. Or at least I can't see them on the floor.
Do different colors on each side and they are reversable :-P

Stitch markers, charm bracelets. The fusing makes them quite stiff. You could use fabric glue too if you wanted.
Those are adorable! I love them. Must find tiny needles...
I think I'm going to try a set of these and then get my ears re-pierced!
Too cute. Ball bands are so addictive.
Love the earring idea, BUT I wish I had little girls...the tiny ball bands would look so cute in a doll house kitchen ! :)
totally cute!!
These captivated me because I love miniatures. I agree with Hakucho, they would be cute in a doll house. Hey, you don't need intervention--everyone has "something" they're nuts about!!
What an outstanding idea!
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