Saturday, September 23, 2006


See my comments on my first Log Cabin at

Ooo, that's really pretty in the cotton. It looks like my favorite sugar 'n cream. I found tons of colors for $1.27 at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I'm making bibs for my daughter, so I wanted specific colors. I'll post them when I'm done. Great log cabining!!
Your log cabin is great! Now if you can find a way to put some beads in it, you'll be a happy camper!
(For those who haven't figured it out, I know this knitter and she does the MOST gorgeous bead work, too)

Lookin really good! I like the colors you're using!
Thank you all for the kudos. I love that we are on the same blog Jillie.
Note of warning: If you make that blanket will be mega heavy and kinda wonky in shape. I love mine as a wonky heavy blanket, but you may want a real blanket.
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