Saturday, September 23, 2006


Log Cabin Advice

I have made a small Log Cabin in Peaches and Creme cotton as a sample project. This was perfect for my daughter's American Girl Doll. I want to make a larger one and am not sure how I like the cotton. What other yarns have people used that have worked well? Recomendations? Thanks ladies.....knit on...peace comes with 2 sticks and string.

Well, funny you should ask! I just cast on my first stitches in my log cabin. I'm only on the second strip, but I am loving my yarn. I have worked with it many times in the past. It is Galway wool, by Plymouth Yarn, I believe. It's so soft and is wonderful to work with. I have made several felted bags with it. Though I won't be felting my log cabin. It's also fairly inexpensive. My LYS carries it for six dollars a skein and there are 210 yds. on each skein. I'm using the Galway Highland Heather, very soft colors. I'll post a pic once I have more done. I'm sure there are tons of wonderful yarn that will do justice to the log cabin!
I'm using Carons Simply Soft, I got it at Wal-Mart (Hobby Lobby and Michaels have it too, but wal-mart is half price). And it's perfect, snuggly and soft, but not as heavy as cotton. It's easy on your hands to work with too.
My friend is kniting a baby blanket with sugar and cream cotton on size 9 needles, and it feels very soft and light knit at that gauge. peaches and cream would also be nice. About 6 balls should do, she advises.
I'm a big fan of both. the cottons wash and wear well.
happy knitting!
I've done one w/ Lion brand Cotton-Ease. It made up really light and and soft. That one was a Baby Moderne. It's going to be a baby present and will be washed & dried easily!

I'm making a regular log cabin now out of Artyarns, Koigu, and Opal sock yarns. It's heavenly but not too practical for washing and drying but ooohhh it's so nice to work with those yarns!!
I am working mine in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. It is positively luscious. As this one nears completion, I am considering another in Paton's Grace, my very favorite mercerized cotton. The advantage of the Grace is that it is available at Michael's, where I teach, so I can use my discount.
I also have some Carons Simply Soft in my log cabin, which I posted a while ago. It's on my blog. If your interested. There also is a couple of other brands, one is a yarn that is a double knitting yarn I got in several colors before my lys went out of business, called applause but now I think it's plymouth. I wish it all was the Caron Simply Soft, because I love how easy it is to work with, and the price is nice too. Happy log cabining!
For me, personally, PnC would be too heavy for a blanket. But I've found that I REALLY like Cotton Fleece. I'm also making one right now for my five year old out of caron simply soft, so if you want to go the acrylic route, I'm really liking that one. It's looking quite lovely, I think!
i'm about half way through and I've been using cotton rich by cascade in bright beautiful blow your mind colors- i am just not getting tired of these fun colors-
i'm using a size 7 needle and have fooled around with and am now convinced that the three needle bindoff is not the way to go to join. I just have a problem with those seams. I am joining mine with a garter stitch graph which is just a wonderful seamless join even though it takes a bit (okay so quite a bit!) longer- it's worth it.
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