Friday, September 22, 2006


Mitered square blanket for my daughter

Here's the mitered square afghan I made for my daughter to use at daycare. I started this afghan some time ago, using smaller size squares (cast on 48 instead of 72.

I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton in blues, greens, and pinks. Details can be found here (as well as a picture of my sweet little girl!).

I'm still planning a queen sized version using Tahki Cotton Classic, but I need a little break first!

Love it. Checked out your superproductive knitting on your blog. Do you sleep? Eat? LOVED the Jamaica cardi. xoxo Kay
Your little girl is very lucky to have a mommy who made her something so special. Everyone at daycare will probably want to know where you got it. Then they'll want you to make them one.
Wow-wee, I had to post once more after I checked out your blog. Your a knitting superstar girl!! Your work is AWESOME!!
Awesome, very great.
Gorgeous blanket! Your other work is amazing as well. Thanks for sharing!
That is very lovely. Great job!
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