Saturday, September 23, 2006


2 kimonos; one with neckline tweak

These things can be as addictive as those ballbands...
Anyway, specs:
Purple Kimono: Made with Blue Sky Alpaca cotton yarn. Machine wash. My gauge was bigger than recommended. (I was getting 4 st to 1", so the 40 sts of the body would be 10", not 8") So, I kept the numbers the same but worked everything for 5" wherever the pattern said 4". I'm wondering if proportionally, the number of inches you get for the body vertically (before getting to the arms) is half the number of inches of the length of the body? If so, might it be possible to make a bigger kimono with that formula? (There'd have to be another row or two of cast ons for the arms too...)
Off white Kimono: Katia Diana yarn. It has 13% angora, but it's machine wash. Again, my gauge was big, so I cast on 34 sts and did one set less of arm increases. I made the body 4.5" long. When I got to the neckline, it looked too small for me; like it would rest too close to the baby's neck, so I yo increased every other RS row, and when I got to the end of the arm cast offs (the part where you work just the body again in the front), I switched to increasing every RS row, but to preserve the yo spacing, I alternated between yo increases and K1F&B increases. This made a sort of scoop V- neck.

oooh.. I really like the "scoop neck" look!
They look so pretty! You did a wonderful job. Lucky, lucky baby!
I think those are supurb!! Love the colors, and your pattern tweaking is very clever. The ribbon ties are great too.
The sweaters are great.
OOO, I will save your modification in my copy of the book because I like how the scooped neck will stay out of the way of a wee baby's necklessness! Thanks, Cristina Shiffman
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