Saturday, September 23, 2006


baby kimono question

Hi guys. I finished my baby kimono but have to sew up the seams and get the ribbon for the ties and then I will post a full picture but for now. I scanned this picture of the edging and my edges do not look like the edges in the book. I YO right in the beginning of the row, should I have knit one and then YO. Does it look OK like that. I was going to try a crochet edge to make it less noticable or even weave ribbon through the holes. What is everyone's opinion. Thanks for your help in advance.


It looks fine. But I think weaving a colored ribbon through it would look really cute too.
I think you invented something really cool! I like it a lot! It probably would be cute with a ribbon, too. --Sally
Yes, you probably should have k1 then yo. But I think it's unique and cute, so I don't think it'd be bad to leave it as-is. :)
Sometimes a "mistake" becomes a new pattern or stitch. Remember alot of the stitches we use today came out of "mistakes". But if you want to weave a ribbon through the edging, that would probably look great.( By the way, I want you to know your edge doesn't look like a mistake, it really looks like you planned it that way.)
I think your edging is cute! I knit 2, then yo'd, because it laid flat and curled less that way. I suppose you could crochet a sc edge, or maybe a shell or picot edge - even in a contrasting color if you felt like it, but it's up to you and how you want it to look. I think it's perfectly fine the way it is.
When I did mine, I knit three and then yo. I liked the wider "band" and is the same as when I do biased dishclothes.

I think the loops look fine. Try it with and without ribbon to see which you like best.

I'm nearly done with my second (first in garter stitch) and not sure how to sew up. I not like working with purl bumbs. ;-)
Thanks guys for all of your words of encouragement. Heather - I had trouble with the seaming too. I couldn't figure out how to mattress stitch the garter stitch (I only saw instructions for st st) so I just whip stitched the seams from the wrong side. I had to go over it twice because I had holes in the arms where you casted on and binded off the 3 stitches but otherwise it looks cute. As soon as I get a picture I will post it. Thanks again. It felt really good to read all of your comments. I thought I did something wrong.

Happy Knitting :)
Re stitching garter stitch:

The stitching shouldn't show much whichever way you choose to do it. Whip stitch (= oversew in UK) is probably easier and you can even do it on the right side without it being obvious, if you ever have to.

What is important is that you only pick up a very small amount with your needle. The seam should be able to lie perfectly flat when you open it out. It won't if you stitch too far over the edge.
I think it looks pretty.

Don't stress over it; the recipient won't know what it's "supposed" to look like and neither will his/her mother!!!

(although the ribbon idea is smashing and would be really lovely.)
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