Monday, September 25, 2006


One More Kimono

This one is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. On #6 needles it worked up pretty big, so I made the body about 5 inches long. It looks like like it will fit a 6-month old instead of a newborn.

I am also working a Hanne Falkenberg kit and have done way too much garter stitch in the last month!


how many skeins did you use for this?
Remember: purling is just for show-offs. (just kidding). The kimono is cute. I also think the fabric it is displayed on is really pretty. The color of the kimono looks really nice on the fabric, but that was probably the point.Good job!
I used nearly all of one skein of Cotton Fleece. I also added little crocheted ties to the inside front and side seam.
I'm getting ready to start a kimono in Cotton Fleece, and automatically chose size 7 needles because I knit so tight. Did you knit a gauge swatch? (do NOT answer "What's that?") Now I'm a little concerned about my size 7's...

I have recently knit a pullover in cotton fleece on #8s and knew that would be too loose for the kimono, so I just went with #6. I tend to knit loose, though.
Pretty kimono - love the color! Cotton fleece works up so nicely!
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