Sunday, September 24, 2006


Baby Burp Cloth Sings the Blues...

Hubbo goes out; Hubbo returns with shiny red Gibson...

Hubbo says to knitter, "Lil' Lucille", (guitar now has a name!) needs a
polishing cloth. Not just any polishing cloth, how about one of those Genius
Baby Burp Cloths?"

Knitter is thinking, who is the "genius" here? CatKnitz

That's really pretty, can I say that if you made it for a guy? That'll work nicely for a polishing cloth. By the way, the cloth coordinates perfectly with the shiney red Gibson.
What a gorgeous guitar! Oh, nice polishing cloth, too. ;-> The color is actually very manly.
Fantastic guitar!!! I am green (red?) with envy! Hope you both enjoy the guitar.
I love this post. :)
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