Sunday, September 24, 2006


Kimono Help Needed

I just don't know what happened to my kimono. I knit the back to four inches. Checked and rechecked and checked the length again. My gauge was spot on with the book. Then I knit down the first front side. When I got to 40 inches, I measured because the book said "AND" until it was the same length as the back. WELL, my front is 5 inches long! A whole inch longer than the back! So I checked my gauge again to be sure and it is still spot on. I went ahead and bound off and was thinking that before I knit the other side, should I rip this out? Have any of you had this happen? What did you do to fix it? Would you rip back the last inch and have less than 40 stitches? This is my first kimono and I'm pretty frustrated.

Thanks, Amy

I had the same problem - knitted to gage and everything.

I just stopped knitting when the front lined up with the back. It makes the front have a point on the side instead of a nice straight border.

I'm definitely going to knit this one again, so I'll just modify on the next go around.

One thing I've noticed with the MDK book is that the patterns are very flexible. So I'll have to be flexible, too! :)
I had the same problem. I just stopped at four inches on the front. It was frustrating though- especially as they show (in sample) quite a squared off front. I'm working on my second (with mods), so I have yet to determine how this one will come out...
You could undo the bindoff and knit another inch on the back of the sweater, if you want the whole thing longer.
Yes, I'd pull back the front to the four inch length. Or add on an inch to the back, like liz suggested.

40 stitches in the width of the front is less important than having the front and back fit when sewn together.
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