Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Melt the ribbon???

I went to M.J. Trim recently in NYC to pick up some ribbon for future Baby Kimonos. I asked a manager-type gentleman if he had any tips on keeping the ribbon edges (either grosgrain or satin) from fraying. He told me that most of these ribbons are made out of polyester, which means they can melt, so I should heat up a curling iron and use it to melt the edges of the ribbon until they are sealed. I've been using embroidered cloth ribbon 'til now because I've been wary of the fray, but I think I'll try this tip next time. You guys think it'll work?


I bet it will work. You can give it a try and let us all know anyway. If you check out the end of some ribbons that are on store bought items, I think that the ends look like they are sealed off. It just never occured to me that they might have melted them. I hate it when ribbons fray, Good luck!
Fray Check in the sewing department works well and it stays soft. It comes in a tube.
Sure, it'll work. I've done it before.
I've done that several times. But I wouldn't bother with the heating iron. Use a candle or a match, making sure you have some moist paper handy. Take the match slowly to the ribbon, move it from one end of the ribbon to the other, and, while the material melts and curls up, quickly wrap it in the paper to put out any glows. You may have to practice to get the melted edge the right size and avoid blackened edges.
just get some fray check. you can get it at walmart.
Any plastic ribbon, like polyester, will melt, and melting the ends will stop the fraying.
I'll vouch for its success. I always using a lighter, though. I will have to try an iron.
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