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Yarn needed question

Do any of you know where I could figure out about how much yarn I would need to buy to make a certain project? I'm wondering really if there is a computer program, website, equation to figure it out. I know how much there is of the yarn and what the sts per inch are, but I'm not sure how to figure out how many balls I'm going to need, it's for a mitered square blanket project with 20" x 20" squares. Help me PLEASE. Thanks to all ahead of time.

The fact that these will be mitred squares doesn't make any difference to the calculations (Unless you are working in stripes when you might need to allow extra for all the ends). What matters is the area you want to cover.

One of the easiest ways, to avoid most of the calculations, is to knit one square and see how much it takes.

You could knit a square, pull it undone, and measure the yarn used.

Alternatively, put markers on the yarn before you start. Every metre/yard/5 yards/whatever unit you choose, push a small length of contrast yarn between the plies of your yarn. As you knit, remove these markers. Count the markers when you've finished and you will know how much you used for one square.

Multiply by the number of squares to find the total. Remember to add extra if you are adding a border.
Sorry, but I honestly don't think there's a hard and fast formula or rule, for this, because there are so many variables involved.

Gauge can help, but as "pat" said (above), knitting one square would show how much yarn you'd use. I've seen approximations for sweater yardage in the The Knitter's Companion based on the type of yarn used, but different stitch patterns can use up more yarn than others.

I would suggest finding a similar pattern to what you intend to do, and use those requirements as a guideline.
Oh! I just googled this question, and found some answers on check out their FAQ page!
For me, the easiest way is to knit one square and WEIGH IT (on a kitchen scale or postal scale).
Sarah, mitered squares are usually in many colors, so you will need to consider this too in figuring how many balls of yarn to buy - it will be more than if you were just using one color.
Did you take a look at this site with info on a completed mitered sq blanket? It is also posted in the MDKblog. Square might be smaller than 20x20 but the completed blanket might be the size you hope for. This is not specific mathwise, but a steer in the right direction.
Thanks all for your help. The advice to knit up the square would slightly defeat what I was asking as I dont have the yarn yet, that was what I was trying to figure out, how much to buy initially. I'm just going to get 2-4 balls, I havent decided yet, in a color I really like if I have to much and hope its enough. This project might get put on hold temporarily for a March b-day instead of a Dec holiday gift. Thanks again for all your help.
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