Sunday, October 01, 2006


Four Fun Bibs

I just finished my 4th baby bib 'o love. I want to make a couple more of the log cabin bibs, but right now I'm gonna take a break from the bibs and try either a ball band or a mitered square. I will have to say doing these bibs can be addictive, and it's also renewed my love for sugar 'n cream.
I just want to say that I still love looking at everyone's wonderful projects on this kal. Keep up the great work everyone, happy knitting.

p.s. I made my bibs just a little bit bigger than the pattern, because I made 'em for my 1 year old. I wanted to cover her clothes up just a little more, I don't know why--babies aren't messy or anything!?!?

Those are very creative and cute.
Those are adorable. I especially like the one with the puppy.
Those are great! Love the colors, and the puppy. BTW, is that a Longaberger basket I see? I'm such a Longaberger addict! LOL
How cute those are!
Those are just great. I love how you added your own creative touch to the pattern.
Thanks for the nice comments--BTW, that is not a Longaberger basket, it's a Bradford basket which are pretty similar to Longaberger.
That is great! How did you do the letters? Intarsia?
Nicole, the letters are duplicate stitch. Much easier than intarsia.
Pure stinkin' genius! xox Kay
So cute! I'm going to start personalizing the bibs I make for gifts! Just got the book, and I'm loving it!
Those are fantastic!
Great job! I especially like the dog's face. Very cute!
Absolutely wonderful! Something to aim for as my knitting gets better and I get more creative.
Great bibs! Just an idea, I just finished knitting one,a nd added a second button hole, so now it is adjustable to two sizes, It works great for both my 3 yr old, and my 18 monther!
That's a cool idea about the second buttonhole! Thanks for the tip, I'll use it on future bibs.

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