Sunday, October 01, 2006


~Absorba the Great!~

Absorba Bathmat is finished! It was made out of 4 strands of Sugar and Cream and size 15 needles. It was a very quick knit and although I read a lot about how sore people's hands were while knitting this, I didn't seem to have a problem. I switched to my Denise circs when it was too cumbersome to hold on regular needles. I made this to fit in our RV's bathroom. I think there will be more of these to come. It is incredibly soft and squishy underfoot and would make a great gift - maybe in a basket with some handknit face cloths, special soaps, body lotion etc. I just LOVE THIS BOOK!

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Happy Knitting everyone!

Nice colors. It looks soft and squishy. I'm so jealous that you have an RV--someday my hubby and I want one.
Looks great, it seems that the 4 strands on 13s killed more people than the 15s....
It looks beautiful! I am hoping to do one as a Christmas gift this year. I love your colors!
Thank you so much for all of your kind comments :) I really did enjoy making it :)
I really like the colours.
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