Friday, October 06, 2006


Kimono meets pants!

I fiddled around with these after inspection of my daughter's 3-6 month pants & got them done this afternoon. They're adorable in person & I'm going to submit the pattern to the Lily Sugar & Cream contest & then will share w/ you guys!

**OOPS! The Lily contest is for dishcloths only so maybe the "pattern a day" calendar people might get a submission from me!

Cute-Good luck with the contest!! Definitely let us know how it goes. I'll be rooting for ya.
what an adorable outfit! You get my vote and I would buy the pattern!
Terrific little pants!
Smashing, absolutely smashingly wonderful colors.
Great pattern! What a fun outfit!
try submission to Ann & Kay, it would make a great addition if they have another book. The pants go great with the sweater
very cute. You have my vote.
how cute !
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