Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Another Absorba, Being Green

absorbaPresented outside of its natural habitat because 14 year old DD refuses to give up the bathroom for a photo op (she's still in there, even as I blog). The stats: 20"x28", 11 hard-earned logs including the center. I used some truly ancient Patons Chunky Cotton (I think it's been discontinued) in a footprint-forgiving army green. Since some balls were partial, it's hard to tell exactly how much was eaten, but I'd guess 8 100 gram skeins, triple-stranded, on size 15 needles. The toe-squishing result was worth the pain, but when DH suggested another for the kitchen, I laughed until he backed away, slowly.

Wow! That came out beautiful. What a wonderful job. I like the color a lot.

PS As the mother of five, four of them girls, I know how hard it is to get the bathroom. Good luck!
It looks great. Mine is only half done, so I'm envious. The nerve of your DH suggesting another one!! Hey... you could teach him to knit... hee hee.

Both of my 'tweens (boy and girl) hog the bathrooms already!
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