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Felted boxes

I have a question about the felted boxes. I want to them in two colors but does anyone know how many boxes can I get with 2 balls of yarn? Can I make all three? I would love to make them for my daughter's room (she's 10 months old) I can put baby stuff in them but when she gets older put grown up girl stuff (hair accessories and such) so I was just wondering if anyone made more than one with the same 2 balls. Thanks in advance.

Laura :)

You can get the small box out of a skein plus a little. The medium box takes 2 full skeins and the large box takes 3. You are using the yarn doubled, so it goes fast (and makes thick felt). Remember that some editions of the book have the wrong needle size. Knit them on a 13 or 15 US needle for happier knitting and easier felting. xoxo Kay
Thanks Kay xoxox
I made the medium box and it took two skeins to complete the box and I didn't have quite enough to sew up the edges, so now I need to get another skein just for that. My gauge was not exactly as specified (even with size 15 needles) so I imagine it is just my knitting, but for me the medium box is just a little more than two skeins.
Depends what yarn you use, and what the yardage is.
I've made the medium box in one color on size 15s with two skeins of elann.comm Peruvian Highland Wool.

I've made a set of three in three colors with 15s using two skeins each color of WOTA--I did side one, the bottom, and side two with one color, then used the second color on the large box. Then I used the second color for side one, the bottom, and side two of the medium box with color three for the other two sides. Then I used color three for side one, bottom, and side two of the small box with the rest of color one for the remaining two sides. Pretty much used most of all three colors.
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