Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Baby Genius Hand Towel

I took the Baby Genius pattern a bit farther and made a hand towel for my kitchen. After working with all of this cotton, I can see how Absorba can be hard on the hands! Details can be found on my blog.

that looks great!

i just finished a moss-grid hand towel in dishcloth cotton for the kitchen... does your towel work as well as a normal dishtowel? does it dry quickly? mine is for a christmas gift, so i haven't gotten to use it. (details on my towel at my blog)
Very nice, and a great idea. Hmm, wonder if that size & pattern would work well as a baby burp blanket? Something to ponder...
Gosh, I think it would make a beautiful blanket! I love the hand towel. Beautiful colors. Now I can make one for I have no babies to knit for :(
That's very pretty. I really love the colors.
I love the hand towel and the colors are nice. I also agree with hakucho a blanket would be nice.
thanks for the clue, i've been looking for a towel to go with absorba that is not the ball band, strangely, i'm tiring of ball bands, so this looks great.
I love this - it is so pretty and such a great idea.
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