Saturday, October 07, 2006


Bath Mat

I'm new to this KAL, with this being my first post. I just finished a log cabin bath mat. It's made out of 1 1/2 cones of peaches and cream worsted. I used 4 strands with size 13 needles.
Just like everyone else, I love this book, and plan on doing lots of projects.

wow...this turned out really nice..good job!
It looks great.
That's one of the nicest bath mats I've seen posted yet. Great job.
Looks great! I have wanted to do one but was wondering how many cones I should buy. This post answered that! Now my question is how did you do 4 strands with 2 cones? Did you unravel both cones and rewind them into balls?
Great job! Is it heavy?
I want to do one of these myself but I am concerned about it sliding when you step on it when you get out of the shower or bath?
I didn't really know how much yarn I was going to need. The cones were purchased one at a time, and rewound into four balls. It's a pain, but I have a 6 year old who loves to use my ball winder.
Good luck. It's a great project.
Oh, and one other thing, I didn't bind off each section as I finished it as the pattern says to do. I put the stitches on a string stitch holder. Sometimes I find picking up bound off stitches a pain.
Oops, didn't notice the other questions.
It is heavy when you're knitting it, but doesn't seem too heavy as a bath mat. It feels divine on your feet, and doesn't slip at all.
The only challenge with making it was fitting all the stitches on the needle. I was cheap, and didn't buy new circular needles for the project. My straight ones worked fine, I just crammed the the stitches on them. If I needed to put the project down, I did it in the middle of a row.
It looks gorgeous. Very nice job! That's funny about using straights and putting it down in the middle of a row! LOL Hey, very creative. I love your idea of putting the sections on string stitch holders. I hate picking up stitches too. Beautiful job!
What colors did you use?
My mat is made of all one color as the selection at Walmart wasn't the greatest. It is the creme color.
When you don't bind off but instead put the stitches on a stitch holder, how do you get your yard to knit with in the correct placement? Did you cut your yarn and reattach it??? It is so tight trying to pick up the bound off stitches but it looks so nice once it is done. Does it loose the log cabin look if you don't bind off??
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