Saturday, October 07, 2006


need help with the dishcloth

not the ball band.. the star shaped one. On the eyelet row.. I am quite confused. usally when something is in brackets followed by a 6 times it means to do this thing in the brackets 6 times. I did that and I was way off. almost half the stitches were left undone. Could someone explain this round to me. I really don't want to rip the whole thing out again.. (yep I mis understoon the bobble row and only had 12 stitches inbetween each bobble).
thanks, debra

I haven't tried the washcloth yet but have looked at the pattern. The eyelet row reminds me of math and order of operations. I think you just need to break it down.

Part 1: [k1,yo,k2tog] 3 times
Part 2: k4
Part 3: [k1,yo,k2tog] 3 times
Part 4: k1

Now, repeat parts 1 through 4 six times.

You should have 138 stitches at the end of this row. Hope this helps
thank you so much Linda!! I can get back to it tonight!
don't miss that last K1! that's what messed me up. But i conquered it! good luck...
Thanks.. got it. I am quite an experienced knitter but just couldn't get it. :) must be the fact that I am busy packing for a move and have 6 kids underfoot!
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