Sunday, October 08, 2006


Dishcloth Mania!

Thank you Linda for the help on my hexi dishcloth. I got it and finished it last night. We are moving in 3 weeks. A much bigger home and newer.. It is a huge blessing to our family.. It is a beautiful home.. So I am knitting up dishcloths for each of the bathrooms- the pink and green ones are for the kids bathroom- I am also knitting up blue and green ones as well, my boys demanded blue in the room! :-) I am doing fall colored dishcloths for our kitchen. The holiday season is upon us after all :-)

Thanks for sharing the excitement. How wonderful to be moving into a larger, newer home. Isn't it great that you have these dishcloths to knit that will personalize and beautify your new rooms. Happy moving day.
Congratulations on your FO and your new home!
As a new knitter I just have to comment on how neat it is to see someone knit a dish cloth. Are the directions on the internet somewhere or do you have to buy a certain book? They look so unusual and colorful.
I really like your dishcloths. Congrats on the new home. Happy housewarming!
Good luck in your new home. The pink/green combination seems to be very popular, I made some like that myself - just love them. For greco25 - here are some washcloth sites:
I do like the pink/green.. plan on doing a blue/green as well- then a green bathmat all for the kids bathroom.
thanks for the lovely comments gals. and the well wishes on our new home!
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