Monday, October 09, 2006


One Last (?) Kimono Question

Good Day All! I am finally seaming up my baby kimono (and man is it ever cute!) and I'm wondering what kind of stitch people have used to sew up those bumpy little increase/decrease edges on the arms. This is my first time sewing anything up, and the side body seams went together just fine, but I'm stumped at how to proceed along that funny arm edge. So how did you seam the arms of YOUR kimono? As always, your help is greatly appreciated!

I used the mattress stitch with a large plastic needle (upolstry needle) and yarn. I tried to do it first by turning the kimono inside out, but found that it looks a lot better when the mattress stitch in done on the ouside. The wonkiness of the increases completely disappeared. Hope this helps.
thanks Amy- it seems to have gone together okay, and as soon as it's dry I'll attach the ribbons and POST my first FO!!
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