Monday, October 09, 2006


Modified MDK Kimono

Dale Stork yarn. Knitted on 2s. Cast on 60 stitches, knitted all stockinette, then pretty much followed the pattern. Added a cute little 2 stitch knits border on each row in the front area. Here's my dilemma. Buttons or ribbons?? I think buttons would be so cute, but would it hurt the baby if it's on its tummy?

It's now sewed together under the arms and along the sides, but I haven't decided if I want to crochet a little border on the edge of the sleeves since they curl abit, same thing as the back of the neck.

Also need a stripey cool hat and maybe some booties. Does anybody have any ideas about head measurements for babies?? This little guy isn't born yet, it's going to be a baby shower present, so hopefully it'll be one of his first outfits to wear! Ideas?


An 8 lb baby usually has a 13 to 14 inch head.
I love it
very cute. Newborns usually do not spend much time on their belly unless being held on someone's chest. Newborn's heads are bigger than you would think, usually 14 inches and grow rapidly to 16 inches.
That's really cute! I like the stripes!
The stripes totally make the kimono! What yarn did you use??
I'm putting sew on snaps on one that's being gifted next month. I figured it would be a little easier, on mommy when she's dressing baby, than buttons would be.
Love your color choices. Snaps would be good. Buttons would be fine too. Like Juls said, newborns don't spend much tummy time.
Thankyou for all your comments, and ideas! I didn't even think about snaps, but I'll definately look into it!

The yarn is the lovely Stork yarn from Dale. It's 100 % cotton. Knitted it on size 2 needles.
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