Monday, October 09, 2006


Mason Dixon KAL

Finished layette (whew) I learned a valuable lesson here! I left the finishing to the last which resulted in a very late night and frazzled nerves. I promise (from now on) to finish as I go.
I made the kimono and booties with Blue Sky Organic cotton bought in San Francisco and well worth the extra money, it's lucious. The blankie was made of left overs and I was very happy with how it came out. I couldn't face sewing in all those ends so I made a "design element" and pulled them through, tied tight and made bows!

The bows are SOO cute! What a great idea!
What a beautiful layette! This is one lucky mom & baby!
Adorable. And the bows are such a good idea.
Tell me about the hat and booties patterns! They are adorable! I love all the items you knit.

Wonderful! Very nice set.
Very cute and the bows are such a good idea!
So the bows- very clever indeed!
cute cute cute! The kimono and booties look really cuddly - lucky baby!
That is such a beautiful layette!!! Lucky little bebe!!
Thanks, all of you. I was happy with all of it. There were also 4 bibs but in my "frazzle" I did not get a total pic. Denise, send me your e mail and I'll send the patterns. I can't seem to figure out how to find it. Pat
What a wonderful set. I like the hats.
Oh my gosh, beautiful!! I had thought the same thing with the bows at one time. It's weird how knitters think alike.
I would love the booties & hat patterns, too. My first grandchild is due Nov. 20th. I've got the Baby Moderne blanket done and the Kimono done. Now I need the feet & the head for total coverage!! Would you mind emailing me, too. I'm at sba13221 at flash dot net. Those are ones not ells in the address. Thanks so much. --Sally
Good luck keeping that promise--bwahahaha!

Gorgeous stuff and beautiful finishing. xoxo Kay
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The entire layette is great! Just when I think I will spend the rest of my life knitting really great dish rags I see something like those great hats! Where can I get the pattern? Were they an easy knit? My email address is
I would love to have the bootie and hat pattern. It is so cute and there are lots of babies coming soon at church and this would be a perfect combination with the kimono. thanks in advanced.
Wow, I love the colors you chose! This set is beautiful. I would like the patterns as well...thanks! :)
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