Monday, October 09, 2006

Hello all! I had been reading (and mooching ideas from) Mason Dixon Knitting in Barnes and Noble for several months and I finally decided to do the honorable thing and buy a copy. At first, I was a bit put off by the book - it struck me as disorganized and kinda chaotic. But I've really come to love it, and it's really changed my life! At least, my knitting life. I've been working on a mitered blanket, sewing it up as I go along (I like mattress stitch, as long as I'm not doing it all at once). It's coming along well - it has a gazillion colors and also several different textures going on.

Just tonight, I finished Absorba, with which I'm only moderately pleased. It came out a bit loose, so it slides out of shape very easily. I am going to wash it a few times at the laundromat and see if that helps shrink it a bit.

I also finished a hand towel for my mom. I used a garter stitch border and candleflame lace (which I adore). I'm going to make a matching one in Willow.

I received some beautiful, very heathered yarn from the farmer's market in Ithaca, NY, and I think I'm going to pair it up with some Black Water Abbey yarn to make the flying geese blanket. But I'm famous for getting ahead of myself, so I should finish the blanket on my plate before starting that. Should however, is very different from will.

It's gorgeous - what is the yarn?

I think the Geese blanket will look awesome in Black Water Abbey yarn.
I've looked through your pics and I love your shawls! Your cat is one gorgeous darling! The hand towel is too elegant for use I'm sure - just look don't touch. Your mom must be happy with it! ;o)
Wow, that blanket is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole thing.
I just started a couple of mitered squares. Your blanket looks absolutely beautiful. I love the colors, and the thick and thin stripes. The flicker and flame hand towel is beautiful too. I've always loved that pattern.
It's beautiful.
Love those mitered square color combos, so rich and vibrant. Love the handtowel...reminds me of the shetland shawl pattern--beautiful!
Thanks for all the great comments! Much appreciated!

The blanket yarn is a mixture of Knitpicks WOTA, Elann's Peruvian highland wool, Black Water Abbey worsted, Aracaunia nature wool, and Cascade 220. Basically, any worsted yarn in jewel(ish) tones, especially if they're heathered, is going to make it into this blanket.

The blanket will get a black border, and sometimes I toy with the idea of sewing on black broadcloth on the back to turn it into a duvet cover. But we'll see...
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