Monday, October 09, 2006


Yarn for After Dark

I have a similar question as Debbie (2 posts down). A friend requested an After Dark nightgown and robe, but doesn't have a ton of dough. We could afford to do the nightgown in the Euroflax linen, but not the robe...I was thinking of trying to find a Knitpicks or Elann yarn for the robe. Would it be strange to have them knit in different yarns? Any recommendations?


(Back to my scribble lace scarf and mason dixon dishcloths now!)

Elann has an aran wt. linen and a sport wt. hemp -- maybe one of those would work. I guess the Euroflax is sport wt., so you might want to look at the hemp first.
I think if you scroll down (a lot) a bunch of folks tried the elann canapone (I may be spelling that wrong) which is the hemp as a substitute, you may have to change needles to get gauge, but people seemed to like the way it worked up.
I was thinking about using Shine's not the right gauge but the stuff is soft, machine washable and very affordable and I could recalc the pattern.
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