Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Another lurker going public

I've been lurking here obsessively, but now I can finally post some of my own projects. Besides the felted boxes and the moderne log cabin baby blanket, I've finished an absorba (with 6 strands of Sugar & Cream - ouch!! - but I didn't photograph it yet) and scads of dishcloths. I have a blue & green version of the baby blanket on the needles now.

My interpretation of the moderne baby blanket, with Blue Sky Alpaca organic dyed cotton:

Below are my 6 felted boxes (made slightly larger than the biggest one in the book) being useful, and a before and after shot of two of the blue/green ones (they're different shades of green):

It's great inspiration to see everyone's photos on the blog (and to know I'm not alone in my knitting obession)!

Your boxes really look great. Isn't it nice to knit something useful?
I love the colors in the blanket and boxes, they're bright without being too bright. And the boxes look so useful sitting on the shelves, I love making things that are useful.
Your knitting is lovely but I'm most impressed with your beautifully organized shelves! I wish I had shelves like that!
yes- those shelves are indeed an inspiration!
Nice blankie, and the boxes look wonderful!!!
Love those boxes. They look so nice on your shelves. Beautiful blanket as well. Thanks for delurking and joining the fun!
Happy knitting :)
Can't believe I am saying this...I want to organize!! Your shelves look so good!
love the blanket and the boxes, beautiful.
I've got Shelf Envy, and I've got it bad. You are living the DREAM with those shelves. I am so pleased that the Felted Boxes are part of such a lifestyle! Beautiful colors too....especially the brave red and pink on the Baby Moderne. xoxo Kay
Thank you all for your kind comments, but really the shelves looked a mess before the felted boxes pulled it all together. I do love to knit something useful. That's why I love MDK so much - I'll waste no more time knitting sweaters no one ever wears!
WOW! All I can say is WOW!! I love the colours & well, WOW!! GREAT STUFF!!!
Your boxes are great. And like Newamy you look very organized.
WOW! everything looks wonderful. Thanks for delurking to share such beautiful projects
Wow! Your felted boxes really pull it all together on the shelves! I am inspired to get moving on my own now, as well as some for my sisters.
Holy cow, what a beautiful blanket and boxes. They look really nice. And I agree with the others - shelf envy!! So color-coordinated!
Those boxes are beautiful, especially with those color cordinated books, I am having shelf envy here too.
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