Wednesday, October 11, 2006


lurking newbie comes out with a bib

hi there - my name is jennifer and i've been lurking since i bought the book this summer. i've made 2 1/2 ballband dishcloths and 3 bibs. there are so many projects in this book that i look forward to knitting and i tell every knitter i know how great the book is. here's a pic of my latest bib that will be a gift for my step-sis' new baby boy Brayden Alexander (love the name!)...

check out my blog for pics of the other two bibs that i made for my friend's new baby boy Cameron Parker (another great name!) and the other projects that i've been working on.

hope to post much more in the future - thanks for sharing all of your great projects and ideas!!

-jennifer aka knitwitgirly

Cute bib, nice job. I like those colors--btw, those names are both great.
The bib turned out great. I love the pattern made by the varigated color pooling! Very pretty :)
Your bib looks wonderful! I love the colors!
Cute bib! Maybe you should turn that 1/2 ballband into a ballband bib. No?
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