Sunday, October 15, 2006


My nephew's kimono

I have been lurking for a while, admiring the millions of ways that you all have come up to do the same thing and how they are all gorgeous and inventive. A very especial little person (my nephew) was born at the end of August and I just finished his kimono. In order to make sure that it fits him, I increased the cast on stitches to 60, knitted until 6 inches long and adjusted everything accordingly, but because I knit too tight, it may not have turned out as big as I wanted, so hopefully at least he will be able to use it once, he is now around 13 lbs. I embroidered his name in colors that coordinated with the ribbon colors. Another problem that I have is that because I changed the number of stitches, I ran out of yarn (cotton fleece brown sheep) and when I bought the second skein (which I used completely too), they were not the same lot and you can actually see the line between the two (look at the left shoulder and right shoulder and compare them). It is not that noticeable in the photo, but in person, you can see it. But I did not wanted to undo all the back and part of the sleeves and front, so I kept it like it was. If you don’t pay attention to that, it turned out pretty good, I am proud of how even my stitches are.


Aurita--your kimono is wonderful (I especially love the nameplate). Try not to worry about the color change (Ryan certainly won't notice); as for the fit, garter stitch is very forgiving and I bet it will fit him for longer than you think. Congratulations, auntie!
Yours is one of the prettiest kimonos I've seen. It looks a lot better than the one I'm doing at the moment.
Don't worry about the color change. Only you will notice it. Great job.
I'm loving your kimono, it's nicely done and the embroidered tag is adorable! Could you give me the info on how you made the tag? My set is posted back further down and I really want to personalize some of my knitting. Thanks and good job. Pat
Hi Tinker

I just chose a piece of cotton fabric from my stash that went with it. Then I wrote Ryan's name in a piece of paper, put the fabric on top and traced the letters. Then I used DMC cotton (2 threads)in blue to embroider the letters using what I think they call stem stitch, then I put two pieces of fabric together, right sides touching, sew all the way around, made a slit in the back, turn the little pocket inside out, iron it, and sewed to the kimono using two threads of DMC cotton in brown. Hope this is clear
I absolutely love this kimono. The ribbons are gorgeous. The stitches are so even. The color change is not an issue, remember it's handmade and that's just a part of handmade items sometimes.Awesome job!!
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