Thursday, October 12, 2006


What do you do when you cannot knit?

What do you do when you cannot knit? Well I have bizzar fantasies about a super hero that makes the world safe for knitters. I happened to be somewhere that had a the Celebrit Knit book. On the cover was Davis Arquette with his pink scarf that he knit. Well that got me thinking. What if David Arquette was a super hero? Well I wrote it up and stuck it on my blog.

By the way I truely am curious what people do when they want to knit and cannot.

Well the main thing I do when I am not knitting is go online and read about knitting LOL Do ya think I have an addiction or what LOL. Actually sometimes I have a hard time deciding which to do read about it or do it LOL.
I had to stop knitting for a couple of months due to a repetitive stress injury. I compensated by doing more spinning and weaving, and also by reading knitting books/patterns and planning future knitting projects.
I like reading knitting and crochet books and looking through my yarn catalogs for the umpteenth time.
Spin. :-)

If that's not an option then I start fantasizing about all the projects i'm going to knit "someday"...and fibery stuff in general. And then I pick up random objects and start trying to twirl them into "yarn" (Those paper straw covers, pocket lint, shed pet hair...)

(help me) ;-)
Well when I am not knitting I am taking care of three children ages 7, 5 and 10 1/2 months. The good thing is that the the oldest one is in school all day, the second is in school 1/2 day and the baby takes a long nap in the morning so I usually do my knitting then or at night when I should be sleeping or working (I type at home doing transcription).
I have a passion for reading, and I would like to be more skilled at sewing.
When I'm not knitting I think about knitting. I see someone knitting, and I wish I was knitting. I glance at my knitting table where I keep my on-going projects and wish I was knitting. Where ever I am I want to knit. I think up things I want to knit alot, too. I also like to go online and look at knitting sites.
Hi , I want to introduce you to
I had carpal tunnel surgery on Friday, so coulnd't knit for a few days. It was agony. So I dreamed about knitting, read about knitting, watched movies without knitting and did soduko puzzles. And started knitting as soon as it didn't hurt too much. I have to knit very slowly, but I can now knit, but nothing too complicated.
When I am not knitting, I am mom to 5 kids that range in age from 18-3 years old. When not knitting,I am teaching school...with a one day a week lunch time knitting group of students. When I am not knitting I am reading or thinking about knitting. It really is my stress relief in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I have many other things I could be doing but in order to sleep well....I knit before bed!
I just started knitting last spring. (Not counting a brief, if tragic, flirtation with the art in college, during which time I created some odd hats.) Kay & Ann's book was my inspiration to re-start. So when I'm not knitting, I am reading about knitting and trying to imagine patterns in my head. I'm also taking care of my two kids while on maternity leave. When I go back to work next fall, I'll be grading papers when I'm not knitting...and I'll likely be knitting a lot less, waaaah!
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