Wednesday, October 18, 2006


More Warshrags

I FINALLY tackled this pattern! The first time I started it I CO too few stitches (that's what you get for talking while CO!), the 2nd I messed up on the eyelet round (again, that's what you get for talking !) The 3rd time I used stitch markers after every 25 stitches & VOILA! Success!

I think I like the solids better than the variagated but it does photograph nicely!

This pattern took me multiple tries too the first time. Stitch markers do help.
Your wash cloths look great.
Nice work! I've done this pattern twice and it's a blast. The variegated yarn looks a bit kooky but it's kind of "give 'em hell" as A&K would say.
I'm trying your stitch markers every 25. My first attempt, weeks ago, didn't work either. Wish me luck! I like how these look wrapped and tied with ribbon around a soap.
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