Thursday, October 19, 2006


Small Felted Box and AWOL Ballbands

This is my second MD Felted Box. I was more careful about my crochet tension when I joined the sides and this box has a better shape. I used the better part of 2 skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky in Aztec Turquoise and size 15 needle. The color is slightly off because it is still drying.

I also made a pair of Ballbands using Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Blue and Hot Green. I had planned to put them in the matching box and give them to my daughter but she took them home before I got a picture. Guess that means she likes them!

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I've gotta make some of those felted boxes someday. Maybe I can make it one of my new years resolutions, ha, ha!!
Looks wonderful! I just finished my second box and put a set of matching dishclothes in them. I think it's too funny, that she couldn't wait for the dishclothes. The box came out perfect! Well done!
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